A Day On the Ice

Winter is always a rough time for motorcyclists who don’t live in a warm climate. It means we have to actually winterize our bikes and find something else to do that doesn’t involve motorcycles. We have to park our machines and count down the months before we can ride again.

Or does it?

For another group of motorcyclists, the month of December is also spent winterizing our motorcycles. But instead of putting fuel stabilizer the tank, we’re mounting studded tires and breaking out the starter fluid. We’re getting our bikes prepped to ride on the ice.

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Naked Speed Premiere launches

Unless you've been completely unplugged for the past 6 months, I'm sure you have heard that Cafe Racer TV has a new show called "Naked Speed". Cafe Racer XXX is proud to have one of our partners, Kevin Dunworth kick off the season with his build for Olympian Kaillie Humphries.

This is what Kevin had to say about it... 

"I am super excited about people seeing one of my favorite builds on this season of Naked Speed. I had the opportunity to build a Mono-shock xs 650 for the very talented speed freak Kaillie Humphries.  She is a two

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Helmet Stories and Garage 52

At Cafe Racer XXX, we are HUGE fans of Helmet Stories and their breathtaking photos and adventures through the diverse landscapes of India. Recently, our friend Cristi Farrell adventured East for her own set of moto travels and had the opportunity to intersect with both the local culture and the personalities behind Helmet Stories and Garage 52. Cristi is someone I personally admire due to her numerous solo motorcycle adventures in all corners of the world. Thanks for sharing with us Cristi!   ~ Sasha Valentine

Uniting a lifelong love of motorcycles, the inevitable wrenching of motorcycles, adventure motorcycle touring, and the motorcycle community at large, Vir Nakai and Harsh ManRai of Helmet Stories joined forces with automotive journalist / test rider / motorcycle mechanic and builder Josh Crasto of JC Moto and Mumbai’s own legendary motorcycle mechanic Mario Pereira of Mario’s to collaborate on their first project – Garage 52, a

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Ogri: Lap of Honour

The original cafe racer cartoon hero is pulling on his boots for one last great ride. Ogri, the legendary character created in 1967 by British illustrator Paul Sample, is the subject of a huge book of collected strips due for release next year - and the star of a Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise the funds needed to print it.

At a massive 440+ pages, The Ogri Compendium will bring together every single surviving Ogri cartoon strip - including several never before published - plus extra material, including interviews and history. The strip first appeared in the short-lived ‘Chopper’ magazine, but quickly found a regular home in the radical lifestyle-oriented ‘Bike’ magazine, running from 1972 right up until 2013 - a near-unbroken run of over forty years in a

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