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Long Beach IMS Show

I heard that IMS (Progressive International Motorcycle Shows) was happening in Long Beach over the weekend and I had to go! I drove from LA to Long Beach on Sunday afternoon. Walking into the convention center (where it was being held), you have a "gear check" area. It was convenient for riders to have a place to hang up gear and not have to worry about bumping into people, bikes, small children. Walking through the corridor you're offered Progressive Insurance bags to hold all your "show swag" and then BOOM you're surrounded by tons and tons of bikes! Every booth was an absolute blast! If you look in the general direction of a bike, the staff running the booth would offer to let you hop on so of course I had to oblige! Since I had my camera out, everyone was so accommodating and asking me if they needed to move anything around etc.

Some companies had bikes you could go out to the parking lot and demo! Triumphs, Harley's, Royals, Ducatis, and the list goes on! Not to mention all of the gear! Scorpion, Sena, misc leather makers, motorcycle insurance, and they even had a Floyds Barbershop! In between the booths there were custom built bikes ranging from choppers, street bikes, cafes, even a crazy three wheeled bike! The people were so rad and everyone there was just like us, a motorcycle fanatic. If you ever have a chance to go to an IMS show, DO IT!

**Photos and words by Errol L. Colandro (Guest Contributor) Website:



BRO 3 

Anya and Ashmore’s creation of Babes Ride Out (BRO) provides an environment to empower women motorcycle riders. Riders of different paths, skills, and experiences are brought together within an unimaginable oasis. I knew I wanted to join these women before I even owned my own motorcycle, so soon after getting my bike I had my flights booked for BRO3. Upon arriving in LA I was fortunate enough to have Cafe Racer XXX arrange for me to meet the British Customs team along with Liz and Kiki, who would become my fellow riders to Joshua Tree. British Customs encouraged the three of us to pick the bike that best represented our personality and riding style. I instantly fell in love with their “Back to Basics” build. This bike embraced simplicity in design while cleverly masking the true power ready to overtake the asphalt. It was mesmerizing to look at, and simply unreal to ride. Kiki picked “The Dirt Bike”, which embraced two-wheeled riding on both the street and dirt, while Liz chose “The Tribute”, which she had admired since seeing the beautiful chrome body and lines of the bike in Astoria. With our bikes loaded, we rode east into the desert anxiously waiting to make lifelong memories.

For this being my first time experiencing BRO, it was immediately clear upon arriving that all newcomers were welcomed within the community. Looking around Joshua Tree I was overwhelmed by the artistic atmosphere and strangers from around the world embracing one another. You could overhear stories being exchanged, words of encouragement pushing a new friend to pursue their dreams, and general laughter recanting their individual riding experiences. It was as if everyone had been lifelong friends and had finally met once again to catch up.

The layout at Joshua Tree was incredible. A large movie screen overshadowed the tent village, which became home for the 1200 riders in attendance. When not watching a movie we would dance the night away to live bands. Nearby there was also an astrology exhibit set up to take advantage of the dark nights for stargazing. The daytime allowed for us to really get to know the different types of riders and bikes in attendance. Random groups would ride out together to explore the surrounding areas while others would hang back to explore the grounds of Joshua Tree. Constantly groups would come and go, mixing riders and bikes alike each time.


The Babes Ride Out community has created a place where women can truly be free. Where women are allowed to be vulnerable without judgment; A place that any woman seeking refuge from the miseries of life is possible by embracing community, nature, and riding. All of this is captured within one beautiful weekend that would not have been possible without Anya and Ashmore. I want for this weekend to grow for many years to come and I encourage all females to join in on this life-changing experience.  

I cannot wait to see you all again next year.  

-Marie Kifa 

*A special thank you to Errol of EL3 Productions for all his hard work in making this video happen and to British Customs for the sweet rides.

Words and Photos by Marie Kifa

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CRXXX City Tours : Dubai

In an effort to connect the motorcycle community and explore other cities and moto cultures, we have started "CRXXX City Tours". We are extending to everyone an open invite to showcase your city, motorcycle, shop, friends, riding clubs, etc. to the rest of the world. Please submit 3-6 minute videos with narration <or> a photo series with 3-5 paragraphs highlighting your city and motorcycle scene to

Starting with Dubai, we would like to to introduce you to Del Gasan of the Cafe Racers Middle East. Del Gasan gives us a tour behind the cockpit of his custom Triumph Bonneville T100. He has won accolades at the Gulf Bike Week 2014, Custom Bike Comp 2015, the Deus Ex Machina Arabia Photo Booth Competition and been featured in a number of blogs and magazines. Del seems to be doing his bit in helping spread the cafe race trend in the Dubai. In addition to being a very active member in the bike scene, he has also established a community of like-minded individuals who have a love for these retro and vintage machines, known as Cafe Racers Middle East."
Now some words from Del: 
"There is a growing Cafe Racer culture in the UAE that has evolved rapidly over the last couple of years. Cost savings on fuel and next to nothing import duties result in some of the most unique and awe striking  creations on the roads. The number of Cafe Racers in the region are growing! My motorcycle is a one off custom built Triumph Cafe Racer, inspired by classic 1960’s styling with a wide selection of unique and distinctive features. All parts, accessories and lines echo’s a vintage cafe racer with a hint of ‘do it yourself’ hot-rod influences. 

Now sit back and take a ride with Del through the streets of Dubai!

 A very special thank you to Del Gasan, Aimen Alwan and Cafe Racers Middle East

If you own or admire their beautiful bikes and catch up with fellow riders, head over and join this online community from Duabi.

Facebook :

Instagram : caferacersmiddleeast


The Ride | Ricky Diaz

Jacob Johnson and I sat down and started brainstorming ideas for a video. Fasthouse wanted us to capture what we felt represented me and my love for motorcycles. I asked Jacob what he thought about including both the cafe racer and my motocross bike in the video, since each one has made just as big as an impact on my life as the other has. He immediately was on board. I grew up riding dirtbikes. As a kid, dirtbikes were the only kind of motorcycle I cared about. As I grew older I realized that it was somewhat ignorant of me to think that dirtbikes were the only kind of motorcycle that were important. I started embracing other types of motorcycles, which eventually led me to building my own 1978 XS650 cafe racer. I have since then fell in love with riding street. I feel that all too often there are riders out there that do not appreciate all the different facets that motorcycles have to offer. Dirt guys don't appreciate street, street guys don't appreciate dirt, and so on. My goal was to show some cool and unique aspects from both motorcycles in hopes of shedding some light to the those that feel that way. Regardless of whichever one I may be on any given day, I still get the same rewarding feeling of riding a motorcycle.

-Ricky Diaz (Guest Contributor for Cafe Racer XXX)

Video Credits:

Sponsor: Fasthouse

Film/edit: Jacob Johnson/Thirty3 Films

Rider: Ricky Diaz