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The Ride | Ricky Diaz

Jacob Johnson and I sat down and started brainstorming ideas for a video. Fasthouse wanted us to capture what we felt represented me and my love for motorcycles. I asked Jacob what he thought about including both the cafe racer and my motocross bike in the video, since each one has made just as big as an impact on my life as the other has. He immediately was on board. I grew up riding dirtbikes. As a kid, dirtbikes were the only kind of motorcycle I cared about. As I grew older I realized that it was somewhat ignorant of me to think that dirtbikes were the only kind of motorcycle that were important. I started embracing other types of motorcycles, which eventually led me to building my own 1978 XS650 cafe racer. I have since then fell in love with riding street. I feel that all too often there are riders out there that do not appreciate all the different facets that motorcycles have to offer. Dirt guys don't appreciate street, street guys don't appreciate dirt, and so on. My goal was to show some cool and unique aspects from both motorcycles in hopes of shedding some light to the those that feel that way. Regardless of whichever one I may be on any given day, I still get the same rewarding feeling of riding a motorcycle.

-Ricky Diaz (Guest Contributor for Cafe Racer XXX)

Video Credits:

Sponsor: Fasthouse

Film/edit: Jacob Johnson/Thirty3 Films

Rider: Ricky Diaz


Goodwood Revival

I recently attended The Goodwood Revival Festival in West Sussex, England. I don't exactly know where to start but I'll lead you through my 2.5 days there. Upon landing in London, I met my friend for a couple hour drive to the site. I volunteered to drive and the hardest part was orienting myself to the left side of the road. No major deal except my shifting hand was opposite and I had to repeat over and over, "Stay left, Stay left." We went through storybook English towns and dreamy sections where hanging trees created beautiful canopies arching above us for stretches. A left side rim job later and a lot of uneasiness of cars so close to our right, we finally made it to the line that crawled so slowly into the event. About an hour later, we secured parking and we walked in the front gate. On the exterior were hundreds of antique, classic, exotic and very very very expensive cars. You name it, the car was there and in pristine condition.   

For years, I have heard about Goodwood Revival being a bucket list item and I didn't quite understand until I walked through the front gates and experienced a truly romantic 40s, 50s, and 60s era time capsule. Talk about stimuli, I didn't know where to focus my attention. One of the first things I noticed was the fashion. Collectively, people were dressed to the nines and they didn't slack on a single detail. I'm talking hair styles, makeup selections, details likes buttons, cigarettes and mannerisms. I have never experienced such a large scale participation of men, women and children.

The first stop was the Royal Enfield Cafe where I was stationed for most of the event. On one side was ample VIP parking for the various Royal Enfield clubs that visited throughout the weekend. Upon entering the cafe, there were classic and modern Royal Enfields models on display. We were treated to food service, a juke box stocked with tunes and a retail store. We were immediately serenaded with a song that ironically referenced

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The Dream Roll

The sound of exhausts rang through the pine trees as women from all walks of life rumbled into the Pacific Northwest. The Dream Roll, a brainchild schemed by Lanakila MacNaughton and Becky Goebel took place August 28th through the 30th. The ladies dreamt up the perfect weekend for women of all experience levels.  For their inaugural year, over 280 women hailed from across the country, including a few ladies from across the pond.


Upon entering the campground one could already feel the energy buzzing. Women were greeted with open arms from old friends & new. The campground was Pinterest worthy, with a dreamy setup including a teepee filled with couches, and igloo-like domes – one for leisure, hammock hangs and the other containing samples of weed ice cream for those who were done riding for the day. As soon as the tents were pitched and the sun set, the party began. The DJ blasted an electric beat and women shed their shirts while dancing under the stars. 

(Photo credit to As the Magpie Flies)

Saturday morning women were woken by the sounds of rainstorms rolling in. However, no amount of rain or hangovers could stop these ladies from riding as they split into packs and explored the beautiful, natural gems Washington has to offer. As the daylight disappeared, the good times carried on inside the teepee away from the drizzle. Music bounced off the walls of the domes as the band serenaded into the night. Sunday morning dawned all too quickly as the tents began to collapse and women started their engines for the long haul home. The weekend of the Dream Roll will be hard to top. It’s not just a camping trip in the woods, but a bond of babes that can’t be broken.  


Words and photos by Malary Lee (Guest Contributor for Cafe Racer XXX)


The Spectacular Peoria TT  

Flat track is America’s original extreme sport that originated in the 1920s, so it’s a shame that few younger people appreciate the spectacle of dirt track racing in 2015. The first flat track race I’ve ever attended was the Peoria TT. After that race, I fell in love with the AMA Pro Flat Track series and made it a priority to see the races when they came through the Midwest. The sound and the speed of such powerful machines are incredible enough, but it’s extra special when you stand against a fence only to be hit with a face full of dirt as the racers slide by at 100+ mph. 

The Peoria TT was August 16th, and that race has continued to hold a special place in my heart. It is a show unlike any other. “TT” stands for “Tourist Trophy,” and when connected to flat track racing it indicates that a jump is involved. For riders like the Latus Motors Triumph rider Brandon Robinson, Peoria is a unique place to race. “The facility is cool because it has so much history.” The Peoria TT has been running consecutively at the Peoria Motorcycle Club in Peoria, IL, since 1947. It is now the only TT race in the AMA Pro Flat Track series, making it all the more important to attend.

“A group of riders on the jump at the Peoria TT”


The packed dirt track is 0.6 miles in length with six turns. M3 Racing rider Mac McMgrew explained to me, “It’s

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