The 2015 Yamaha Bolt C-Spec


This year, Yamaha paid homage to the ever popular (our own personal favorite) café style motorcycle.  With a look that has kept the attention of riders across the globe since the 60’s, the Bolt has an instant familiarity for the rider.  Yamaha smartly kept the original Star v-twin performance, while completing the aesthetic with clip-on handle bars, traditional fork boots, a removable passenger seat cowl, and sporty café paint and graphics.  The chassis is relatively compact and provides a fine showcase for the 58 cubic inch, air-cooled, 60° V-twin Bolt powerplant.  The C-Spec uses fuel injection and ignition timing maps to deliver class-leading performance and smile-inducing torque.  A belt drive delivers power to the rear wheel resulting in a virtually maintenance-free final drive system, which provided the benefits of durability and exceptionally important reliability.  All of these fingerprint power basics allow the owner to embrace the Star mantra of “we build it, you make it your own.”   


I had the opportunity to ride a Bolt C-Spec directly off the showroom floor, and even without any performance upgrades, the Bolt delivered what the specs promised; Ample power, a modestly aggressive riding stance, and reliability for extended hours.  My jaunt on this bike took me from Baltimore to Pittsburgh, a would-be 3-4 hour trek.  Rain and traffic extended the hours on the road to more than seven, and even through the sudden pile ups on two-lane highways, the curvy and inclined hills of the Allegheny Mountains, and the relentless weeping of the sky, the Bolt navigated and performed flawlessly. 

A few weeks before this trip, Fredericktown Yamaha Triumph lent me a Bolt R-Spec for a one day group ride.  They had taken the opportunity to customize the bike, adding upgraded exhaust, repositioning the handle bars, and customizing the paint to a sleek and graphic-free silver. The rumble from this bike was intoxicating, and the bike rode like a cross between a bobber and a cafe, allowing me to be in a slightly more relaxed position. If you’re looking for a bike with a lot of pep, a classic aesthetic, a clean set-up for customization, or a reliable commuter or adventure-partner, consider the Bolt. 


-Kerri Borelli




Throttle to the Flat Track Races with us!

Cafe Racer XXX is so stoked to lead a ride with Triumph Motorcycles America​ to support AMA Pro Flat Track​ , Latus / Triumph / Castrol Racing​ rider, #44 Brandon Robinson and Bonneville Performance / Castrol / Triumph rider, #55 Jake Shoemaker!!

Here is the link to our Facebook event

We hope that you can join us!! You must buy a race ticket, but we will make it worth your while with a FREE

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An Electric Cafe: The R5e III


The R5e started life as a 1971 Yamaha R5 – with the legendary steel double-downtube frame that would be the core of the Yamaha factory and privateer race effort well into the 1980s.  It started it’s second life in it’s current form, as just that frame, with a small pile of parts, found in a shed in Brookfield MA.

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A Day On the Ice

Winter is always a rough time for motorcyclists who don’t live in a warm climate. It means we have to actually winterize our bikes and find something else to do that doesn’t involve motorcycles. We have to park our machines and count down the months before we can ride again.

Or does it?

For another group of motorcyclists, the month of December is also spent winterizing our motorcycles. But instead of putting fuel stabilizer the tank, we’re mounting studded tires and breaking out the starter fluid. We’re getting our bikes prepped to ride on the ice.

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