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Welcome Kevin Dunworth!

Kevin Dunworth has built some very intriguing machines that have caught the attention of corporations and collectors alike over the past couple years. He refers to his style "Retro-Mod" which essentially takes race inspired design from every generation and applies it to streets bikes. Most recently he has leaned towards air-cooled twins and Triumph unit construction engines. "I hate being pigeon-holed", says Kevin when asked about being a Triumph guy. It just kind of happened; you can blame my Dad and all his Triumph pals. I love all bikes but Triumphs just kept showing up at the shop.”

His latest creation “Bucephalus” is a proto-type and being offered for $19,800 to a collector or fan of his work. Made from lightweight 7075 aluminum frame design, he invested countless hours in the geometry and has poured heart, sweat and way more cash than the asking price so he hopes it goes to a good home. A little history… this bike was debuted last year at Michael Lichter and Paul d'Orleans "Cafe Racer" show at Sturgis and featured in the collaborative coffee table book. It was on the cover of "Bike Craft” magazine with a 6 page spread. It was used for the Triumph America Castrol Moto social media campaign and toured under the Triumph brand for the IMS circuit. It was featured at the Motorcycle Film Fest, on many blogs such as Silodrome and part of the Austin “Hand Built”. 

Check it out for yourself at EBAY


This is just one of Kevin Dunworth’s pedigreed customs that has led Cafe Racer XXX to collaborate with him. Next year, we will offer a limited number of Cafe Racer XXX builds for sale built exclusively by Kevin.  We look forward to joining forces on some of the best exotic cafes he has yet to build. Chime in on what platform you would like to see us start with. And last, welcome Kevin Dunworth as the XXX builder.

Photo by Kim Boyle, Boyle Custom Moto

Bucephalus photos courtesy of Triumph Motorcycles



Zaeta Event at Perris Raceway

Cafe Racer XXX joined forces with GoAnimoto LLC to create a Zaeta event on Sept 4th from 4pm-9pm at Perris Raceway in Southern California. En route to the Bonneville salt flats, a short pit stop will allow some of the most elite riders in the world to saddle up and take the bike for a spin. Some of the riders attending will include AMA Pro Flat Track & AMA Pro Road Racing riders including Stevie Bonsey, Josh Chisum, Sebastiao Ferreira, Jimmy Wood, Sr, Jimmy Wood Jr, Jim Medlin and many more. Other personalities include actor Jason Lee and Hollywood stunt rider Joe Bucaro. Custom motorcycle builders and personalities Kevin Dunworth, Roland Sands, Kim Boyle, Oliver Jones, Sarah Lahalih, Jay LaRossa, Stacie London, and Brandon Holstein will give the Zaeta a twist.

Press and motorcycle enthusiasts are welcome to check out the Zaeta bike for FREE or take their own personal bike for a spin on the track during the time slot of 6:30-7:30PM for a nominal fee of $10. Listen to the DJ, cheer the pros as they dash for Café Racer XXX coffee or peruse the custom bikes on display from Deus, Lossa Engineering, Speed Merchant, The Cut Rate, Newport Italian and the BA Moto club.


2:00-3:30 Vender setup

4:00 Gates open to the Public

4:00-6:00 VIP + Media riders test Zaeta Bike. *Pros also allowed on track

6:00-6:30 Public is allowed to take their bikes on track. Cost is $10 for a couple laps. Bring gear

6:00-6:30 VIP riders will have catered meal

6:30- 8:00 Second round of VIP Zaeta testing

8:00-9:00 Open track time under the lights 


A very special thank you to the financial sponsors that made this event possible including Zaeta, GoAnimoto LLC, Café Racer XXX, Newport Italian, Hollywood Trading Company, Pakelo, Soul Custom, Speed Merchant, Lossa Engineering and BA Moto! I would also like to thank Deus and The Cut Rate for bringing some bikes for display

If you would like to know more about the Zaeta or the Test at Perris Raceway, please feel free to contact either, Donna Parodi or Sasha Valentine for more details

Donna Parodi

Sasha Valentine


About Zaeta

Born in Italy, the Zaeta brand is a cohesion of technology , thanks to the strategic partner In Motion Group, from founder Marco Belli, Italian flat track champion Paolo Chiaia, Matteo Uliassi and contributor Graziano Rossi.  Please visit for more information.


Lokken Beach Race

This past May, we sprinted from Oslo, Norway to Northern Jutland. Located in Denmark, Lokken beach is perfect for kicking up sand and racing on the long, flat beaches. Nine happy souls found their way to the city campground where two large cabins gave shelter and accommodation. 

The weekend was set aside for comradely and fierce competition over the Danish dunes and beaches with one goal in mind; to have fun together. And fun it was…both with and without bikes! 

On Saturday morning, a 250 meter drag strip was measured out. Two flags marked the start and two flags marked the finish. Schedules were prepared and rules determined jointly. Two bikes were to run against each other under very simple rules... whoever comes first, wins! 

The beach circuit was inspected and bumps and endless sand dunes reviewed. Figure 8s with drifting and resulting in varying success tested the grip, stability and especially nerves as we prepared for the competition. After numerous runs, there were two worthy finalists, Magnus and John. The final consisted of three runs and John was named victor after winning the majority. 

Beach racing is a blast and a challenge.  As careful and cautious as we were, of course there were minor repairs. Glenn had to make new clip-ons and received the MacGyver award for his approach at Saturday's awards ceremony. Nicki taped a leaking oil tank with duct tape- a repair that still holds to this day. Goja decided to take it easy that weekend and blew through three of his four cylinders. He still maintains that he would have won that run if it wasn't for that mishap.   

We will be back next year - with tools, duct tape and beer!! Enjoy the photos.


Story by Jon Remme and Photography by Nicki Twang

Oslo, Norway


Two in the Bush

I met Burns and his lady, Julie in the AMA Pro Road Racing pits at the infamous Daytona 200. A couple races later, we exchanged homemade maple syrup for Cafe Racer XXX coffee beans and became instant friends. Burns mentioned this crazy fun Canadian event entitled 'Two in the Bush' and of course, we wanted to be part of it! We sent a shit load of our 865cc coffee blend up to Canada to fuel the ride. Reviewing the photos, you can really enjoy the spirit of the event, mix of individuals and bikes of all types. Great stuff! Get there next year! A special thank you to @szetoszeto for the photography. Here is a little recap from a member of the crew, Brian Watson...     

‘Two in the Bush’ is a weekend event that came to fruition through the efforts of myself, and a couple of my close buddies. Last year the run was our first attempt to bring together as many like-minded people we could in the middle of the bush to ride, enjoy a few beers and share stories the old fashion way. We chose a place that had little to no reception, thus making sure our Instagram accounts could wait 'til the weekend was over so we could enjoy some quality human interaction. 'Two in the Bush' brought together individuals that would never otherwise have met.


Our event is open to public and is pretty informal. The basic format is that people from all over ride into the campground on the Saturday. We spend the first night eating BBQ and having a few "pops" and hopefully make some introductions for the newbies. Then Sunday we lead a full day ride through Algonquin Park, which has some of the most beautiful roads in eastern Canada. That night we get back to business with campfires, brews and good times. Then, Monday, we break up and go home having made countless new friends. It’s amazing how many great people I have met through these types of events, and that’s why we do this thing.

This year we had quality humans from all over Ontario, Quebec and New York state. We doubled in numbers to about 60 people, but thankfully we were ready for it. Not having a ton of experience in events, and not making people RSVP makes it difficult to plan when you are setting up a meal plan and bringing all the booze. Through about 150,832 text messages, some arm wrestling and a meeting with a psychic we came up with what we felt was going to be just the right amount of supplies. Let me tell you, that psychic was worth every penny. We plowed through all the beer, coffee and food without anyone leaving thirsty or hungry. Truthfully, I was awestruck at the stoked people are to hang with total strangers in the middle of nowhere.

We were fortunate enough to have sponsors like Pabst Blue Ribbon, Helmutts, Show Class, Lowbrow Customs, Loser Machine, Café Racer XXX, Dapper Beard Oil, Hard Luck Leather goods, Maru, Skoser, Soul Seekers, Jason Parker Race Cars, Throttle FMC, Gigacycle Garage, Electric Sunglasses, and Herding Cats that sent us some gear to raffle off. Everyone was stoked to leave with something, but at the end of the day, the memories combined with the excitement for next year trumps all. Thanks to everyone for your support and we will see you all next year!

Brian, Jeff, Shaz and the whole supper crew!