Behind the scenes with Cafe Racer TV

After receiving a tip from our very own Kevin Dunworth that Cafe Racer TV was filming on location at Loaded Gun Customs, I decided to go check things out.  Shortly after my arrival I met the star of the feature, Kaillie Humphries.  If you were to Wikipedia this woman, you would see that she is a Canadian bobsledder, an Olympic Gold Medalist and a 2X World Cup champion with a wall of awards. 

Chelsea (her teammate) and Kaillie celebrating victory.

Of course, the first thing I did was say hello.  Next, I got the honor of handling her gold medal.  After that, I promptly challenged her to a round of arm wrestling.

It really isn't that important who won (ME!!!) but this technique is my number one ice breaker when meeting new people.

From there, I sat back and watched the show take shape.  Here's the 'behind the scenes' scoop....

Kevin Dunworth (owner of Loaded Gun Customs) was on site to build Kaillie's custom cafe racer.  You may recognize this man from earlier seasons of Cafe Racer TV and multiple magazines (not to mention a blog or two on this very site) Here are some of his more recent builds....the 'Triton', the '72 Mono Racer' and the 'Tramp'. 

Kaillie and Kevin further discussed design concepts based on previous email and telephone conversations.

Kevin showed Kaillie how to weld and talked about laying out measurements for metal work.  

She helped out...

and gave welding a shot as well...

Sizing was discussed and some adjustments were made for the proper fit.

Here is a sneak peek of the mock up: the final product is far from completion.  The bike still needs a hundred hours of blood, sweat and a name and paint job to match what is going to be a bad ass bike for a bad ass chick. 

The highlight of the day was riding back country roads with both Kevin and Kaillie.  She hadn't been on a bike for 8 months due to heavy training and travel schedules. However, she's a kick ass natural in the curves and definitely a speed freak!!    


We ended the long day of filming with some brews and eats with the Cafe Racer TV crew at Dogfishhead Brewery in Rehoboth Beach.  Great times all around.

The word is Kevin will intersect with Kaillie to try his hand at bobsledding, an attempt to learn her forte.  It should be an interesting twist to the segment.  Stay tuned for this piece on Cafe Racer TV in the near future- I'm definitely looking forward to it.


**Special thanks to Jeffrey Confer and Kaillie Humphries for the photos

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Nice! That bike looks beautiful! Thanks for ending your day with a few of our off-centered ales. Cheers!

June 19, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJustin

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