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"The Royal Vote" Round 3

Thank you so much for participating in our first two rounds of voting for the Cafe Racer XXX | Royal Enfield North America | MotoRelic custom build! So far the "People's Choice" has resulted in a Tracker for build direction and High exhaust positioning.

We would also like to take a moment to thank all build sponsors including Royal Enfield North America (donor bike) , MotoRelic (fabrication and desing), Revzilla (tires), Silver Piston (custom xxx silver coins), TC Bros. (handlebars), K-Tech (suspension), Counterbalance Cycles (seat), and Homeward Bound Motorcycles (paint).

For the third round of votes, we ask you to help choose the build primary color. Just click on your color choice and press the vote button!


1903 Cafe

Just past Town Moto on Ossington street, you’ll find the first presence of anything Harley Davidson in downtown Toronto at 1903 Cafe. With the rise in popularity of events such as The Moto Social,  Harley has decided to get into the coffee business to attract the young riders looking for a place to meet up before or after a ride for a caffeinated beverage. But when you think of a cafe, you might imagine something small and quaint. This definitely wasn’t that.

In true Harley fashion, they went big. As you walk into the space, you’re greeted by a long coffee bar (hosted by Fahrenheit Coffee) looking over a series of new Harley Davidson models and large murals on the walls. Beyond that, you’ll find a series of seating areas scattered with new and old bikes, along with collections of old posters and memorabilia. At the very end of the space, a workshop has been set up to include a ride simulator and it appears as though they may be hosting some workshops and classes while they’re here.
The cafe is only here until September so go check it out!


Words and photographs by Allan Glanfield, Co-founder of The GodSpeed Company

See more of his photography at


"The Royal Vote" Round 2

The custom build collab between Royal Enfield North America | Cafe Racer XXX | MotoRelic is full speed ahead! The winning community vote for body style was "TRACKER".  

Sean Skinner of MotoRelic has stripped down the Continental GT and is hard at work transforming this fine machine.

Now for the next vote, we invite you to choose the exhaust positioning. 

Happy voting!



The Race of Gentlemen 2016

We’re back at it! Once again making the long 10 hour drive from Toronto to Wildwood, NJ. to cover the greatest race on earth for the second year in a row - The Race of Gentlemen.

As always with The Race of Gentlemen (or TROG as it's now known as), you never know what you're gonna see but there were some big changes this year. First, it was held in June instead of October. In previous years, when you’d arrive in Wildwood, it was a complete ghost town. Half of the stores were closed due to the season and the boardwalk and beaches were deserted. It felt as if we had taken over this sleepy little town for the weekend. This year, being in June, Wildwood was just ramping up for the summer season. This definitely helped to increase the attendance of TROG, but that feeling of being part of a “secret meet up” is certainly over. 

One of my favorite changes to TROG was the addition of The Wall of DEATH. It’s nothing too crazy, just a guy on an old Indian sitting sidesaddle without using his hands or feet, flying around the inside wall of a 12-foot high wooden barrel. Nothing too crazy at all. This daredevil is Rhett Giordano, and he couldn’t be happier to be doing what he does best. When the Wall of Death comes to town, it’s a must see.

In previous years, there was a lighthearted spirit to the competition. No one seemed to be overly concerned with the wins, but this year was different… Louder, faster, and meaner machines were flying down the beach fighting to be the first past the finish line. This year, the attitude was certainly to win with the racers rolling into TROG with purpose-built bikes made for dominating the sand. It’s a new chapter for The Race of Gentlemen and this is certainly just the beginning. What will roll onto the beach in the years to come? I’m excited to find out.

Words and photographs by Allan Glanfield, Co-founder of The GodSpeed Company

See more of his photography at

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