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The BR'ASS Cafe

When we first had our naughty thoughts of what was underneath the world's best motorcycles there was one little lady that just kept catching our eyes.  We saw the nicely finished skin and all the “make up” (paint work), but of course, we needed to see more.  Just a few peeks underneath the covers gave us all the dirty details and left little to our imagination.  By our standards, this is some of the best motorcycle porn there is.  Yes, there are other sites out there but none are willing to take you down to the dirty.  We'll show you the parts you where never supposed to see, the XXX. 

You are looking at one of Dime City Cycles most famous builds, "The Brass Cafe".  These Cafe Racer TV stars truly have a knack for details.  Check out the under the tank shots for tucked wiring and exposed secrets.  Go ahead, spend a week listing the details.... the carbs, the fit and the finish of the body, etc. and you'll still find something new.  We knew this bike looked good with her clothes on but we were excited to strip her down for the world to see. 

**Super special thanks to Jason Michaels, Dime City Cycles,  and Photographer "Pete Maresco" for letting us get our fix and playing along with our little fantasy. 

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